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Roblox Face Codes

:3 :3
?? ??
Adorable Puppy Adorable Puppy
Adoration Adoration
Aghast Aghast
Alien Alien
Alien Ambassador Alien Ambassador
Alright Alright
Amazed Amazed
And then we'll take over the world! And then we'll take over the world!
Angelic Angelic
Angry Zombie Angry Zombie
Anguished Anguished
Anime Surprise Anime Surprise
Awesome Face Awesome Face
Awkward Eyeroll Awkward Eyeroll
Awkward Grin Awkward Grin
Awkward.... Awkward....
Bad Dog Bad Dog
Bad News Face Bad News Face
Bandaid Bandaid
Beast Mode Beast Mode
Big Sad Eyes Big Sad Eyes
Big Smile Big Smile
Blerg! Blerg!
Bling Bling
Blinky Blinky
Blizzard Beast Mode Blizzard Beast Mode
Blue Bubble Trouble Blue Bubble Trouble
Blue Eyeroll Blue Eyeroll
Blue Galaxy Gaze Blue Galaxy Gaze
Blue Starface Blue Starface
Blue Trance Blue Trance
Blue Wistful Wink Blue Wistful Wink
Bluffing Bluffing
Bored Bored
Braces Braces
Bubble Trouble Bubble Trouble
Butterfly Butterfly
Camoface Camoface
Check It Check It
Cheerful Grin Cheerful Grin
Cheerful Hello Cheerful Hello
Chill Chill
Chill McCool Chill McCool
Chippy McTooth Chippy McTooth
Chubs Chubs
Classic Alien Face Classic Alien Face
Classic Goof Classic Goof
Classic Vampire Classic Vampire
Clown Face Clown Face
Clown School Dropout Clown School Dropout
Commando Commando
Concerned Concerned
Content Content
Country Morning Country Morning
Crazy Happy Crazy Happy
Crazybot 10000 Crazybot 10000
Crimson Laser Vision Crimson Laser Vision
Crimson Starface Crimson Starface
Cuckookrazybot 10000 Cuckookrazybot 10000
Cute Kitty Cute Kitty
Cutiemouse Cutiemouse
D 2 D 2
Daring Daring
Daring Beard Daring Beard
Daring Blond Beard Face Daring Blond Beard Face
Daydreaming Daydreaming
Demented Mouse Demented Mouse
Derp Face Derp Face
Desert Commando Desert Commando
Disapproving Unibrow Disapproving Unibrow
Disbelief Disbelief
Distaught Alien Invader Distaught Alien Invader
Dizzy Dizzy
Don't Wake Me Up Don't Wake Me Up
Downcast Downcast
Drool Drool
Drooling Noob Drooling Noob
Egg Crazed Egg Crazed
Egg on your Face Egg on your Face
Eh Eh
Embarrassed Embarrassed
Emerald Ambassador Emerald Ambassador
Emerald Laser Vision Emerald Laser Vision
Emotionally Distressed Zombie Emotionally Distressed Zombie
Emperor Emperor
Err... Err...
Evil Skeptic Evil Skeptic
Evil Skeptic Face Evil Skeptic Face
Exclamation Face Exclamation Face
Existential Angst Existential Angst
eXtreme eXtreme
Eyes of Azurewrath Eyes of Azurewrath
Eyes of Crimsonwrath Eyes of Crimsonwrath
Eyes of Emeraldwrath Eyes of Emeraldwrath
Eyes of Everflame Eyes of Everflame
Eyes of Everfrost Eyes of Everfrost
Facepalm Facepalm
Fang Fang
Fast Car Fast Car
Fawkes Face Fawkes Face
Fearless Fearless
Finn McCool Finn McCool
Freckled Cheeks Freckled Cheeks
Freckles Freckles
Friendly Cyclops Friendly Cyclops
Friendly Grin Friendly Grin
Friendly Pirate Friendly Pirate
Friendly Puppy Friendly Puppy
Friendly Smile Friendly Smile
Friendly Trusting Smile Friendly Trusting Smile
Frightening Unibrow Frightening Unibrow
Frightful Frightful
Furious George Furious George
Ghostface Ghostface
Gigglypuff Gigglypuff
Glee Glee
Glory on the Gridiron Glory on the Gridiron
Golden Lightning Speaker Golden Lightning Speaker
Golden Shiny Teeth Golden Shiny Teeth
Good Intentioned Good Intentioned
Goofball Goofball
Grandma's Lipstick Grandma's Lipstick
Green Bubble Trouble Green Bubble Trouble
Green Drool Angry Zombie Green Drool Angry Zombie
Green Galaxy Gaze Green Galaxy Gaze
Green Glowing Eyes Green Glowing Eyes
Green Starface Green Starface
Green Super Happy Joy Green Super Happy Joy
Green Trance Green Trance
Green Whatchoo Talkin' Bout Green Whatchoo Talkin' Bout
Green Wistful Wink Green Wistful Wink
Green-eyed Awesome Face Green-eyed Awesome Face
Gritty Bombo Gritty Bombo
Grr! Grr!
Grumpy Blox Grumpy Blox
Happy ?? Happy ??
Happy Wink Happy Wink
Heeeeeey... Heeeeeey...
Hilarious Hilarious
Hmmm... Hmmm...
Hockey Face Hockey Face
Huh? Huh?
Hut Hut Hike! Hut Hut Hike!
Hypnoface Hypnoface
I 3 New Site Theme I 3 New Site Theme
I Am Not Amused I Am Not Amused
I Didn't Eat That Cookie I Didn't Eat That Cookie
I Hate Noobs I Hate Noobs
I Lack Personal Confidence I Lack Personal Confidence
I wuv u I wuv u
Imagine Imagine
It's Go Time! It's Go Time!
It's so beautiful! It's so beautiful!
Jack Frost Face Jack Frost Face
Joyful Smile Joyful Smile
Joyous Surprise Joyous Surprise
Jungle Commando Jungle Commando
Just Trouble Just Trouble
Know-It-All Grin Know-It-All Grin
Lady Lashes Lady Lashes
Laughing Fun Laughing Fun
Lazy Eye Lazy Eye
Lightning Speaker Lightning Speaker
Lion Lion
Lip Lip
Look At My Nose Look At My Nose
Love Love
Madbot 10000 Madbot 10000
Magical Dragon Magical Dragon
Manicbot 10000 Manicbot 10000
Meanie Meanie
Meow? Meow?
Mick McCann Mick McCann
Mildly Irritated Face Mildly Irritated Face
Mischievous Mischievous
Miss Scarlet Miss Scarlet
Monarch Butterfly Smile Monarch Butterfly Smile
Money Money
Monster Face Monster Face
Monster Smile Monster Smile
Mr. Bubbles Mr. Bubbles
Mr. Chuckles Mr. Chuckles
Mysterious Mysterious
Nervous Nervous
NetHack Addict NetHack Addict
Not Again! Not Again!
Not So Friendly Eviscerator Not So Friendly Eviscerator
Not sure if... Not sure if...
Nouveau George Nouveau George
O.o O.o
O_o O_o
Obvious Wink Obvious Wink
Ochre Ogre Ochre Ogre
Ogre Face Ogre Face
Oh Oh
Oh Deer Oh Deer
Old Man Jenkins Old Man Jenkins
Old Timer Old Timer
Optimist Optimist
Orange Starface Orange Starface
Orange Trance Orange Trance
Paintball Enthusiast Paintball Enthusiast
Pieface Jellyfreckles Pieface Jellyfreckles
Pink Galaxy Gaze Pink Galaxy Gaze
Pink Shades McCool Pink Shades McCool
Pony Face Pony Face
Poor Man Poor Man
Prankster Prankster
Puck Puck
Pumpkin Face Pumpkin Face
Punk Face Punk Face
Purple Alien Purple Alien
Purple Bubble Trouble Purple Bubble Trouble
Purple Butterfly Smile Purple Butterfly Smile
Purple Galaxy Gaze Purple Galaxy Gaze
Purple Starface Purple Starface
Purple Super Happy Joy Purple Super Happy Joy
Purple Trance Purple Trance
Purple Wistful Wink Purple Wistful Wink
Pwnda Pwnda
Raccoon Raccoon
Raig Face Raig Face
Really Embarrassed Really Embarrassed
Red Fang Red Fang
Red Glowing Eyes Red Glowing Eyes
Red Rock Star Smile Red Rock Star Smile
Red Serious Scar Face Red Serious Scar Face
Red Tango Red Tango
Red White and Starface Red White and Starface
Retro Smiley Retro Smiley
ROBLOX Madness Face ROBLOX Madness Face
Robot Smile Robot Smile
Rudolph Rudolph
Sad Sad
Sad 2 Sad 2
Sad Clown Sad Clown
Sad Zombie Sad Zombie
Sadfaic Sadfaic
Sapphire Drool Sapphire Drool
Sapphire Laser Vision Sapphire Laser Vision
Scarecrow Scarecrow
Scarecrow 2 Scarecrow 2
Secret Service Secret Service
Seeing Stars Seeing Stars
Semi Colon Open Paren Semi Colon Open Paren
Serious Red Eye Scar Serious Red Eye Scar
Serious Scar Face Serious Scar Face
Sharpnine's Face of Disappointment Sharpnine's Face of Disappointment
Sharpnine's Face of Joy Sharpnine's Face of Joy
Shiny Teeth Shiny Teeth
Shocked Shocked
Sick Day Sick Day
Sigmund Sigmund
Silence Silence
Silly Fun Silly Fun
Silver Punk Face Silver Punk Face
Singing Singing
Sinister Sinister
Sir Rich McMoneyston, III Sir Rich McMoneyston, III
Skeletar Skeletar
Skeptic Skeptic
Slant Eyes Slant Eyes
Slickfang Slickfang
Sly Guy Face Sly Guy Face
Smile Smile
Smiling Girl Smiling Girl
Smith McCool Smith McCool
Smug Smug
Sneaky Green-Eyed Snake Sneaky Green-Eyed Snake
Sniffles Sniffles
Snowman Snowman
So Funny So Funny
Sophisticated Spectacles Sophisticated Spectacles
Soso Face Soso Face
Spring Bunny Spring Bunny
Square Eyes Square Eyes
Squiggle Mouth Squiggle Mouth
Stare Stare
Starface Starface
Stink Eye Stink Eye
Stitchface Stitchface
Sunny Fun Sunny Fun
Super Crazy Face Super Crazy Face
Super Happy Joy Super Happy Joy
Super Super Happy Face Super Super Happy Face
Surprise! Surprise!
Suspicious Suspicious
Sweat It Out Sweat It Out
Tango Tango
Tattletale Tattletale
Teal Rock Star Smile Teal Rock Star Smile
The Big Dog The Big Dog
The Dog Whisperer The Dog Whisperer
The First Time I Ever Played ROBLOX... The First Time I Ever Played ROBLOX...
The Friendly Eviscerator The Friendly Eviscerator
Thinking Thinking
Tiger Chase Fear Face Tiger Chase Fear Face
Timmy McPwnage Timmy McPwnage
Tired Face Tired Face
Too Much Candy Too Much Candy
Toothless Toothless
Toothy Drool Toothy Drool
Toothy Grin Toothy Grin
Toughguy Toughguy
Trance Trance
Troublemaker Troublemaker
True Love Smile True Love Smile
Uh Oh Uh Oh
Um Um
Unbelievable Unbelievable
Vampire Vampire
Violet Fang Violet Fang
Visual Studio Seized Up For 45 Seconds... Visual Studio Seized Up For 45 Seconds...
Wah Wah
Walk the Plank You Scurvy Dogs! Walk the Plank You Scurvy Dogs!
Whatever Whatever
Where are the eggs? Where are the eggs?
Whistle Whistle
Whuut? Whuut?
Wink-Blink Wink-Blink
Winky Winky
Winning Smile Winning Smile
Winter Winter
Woebegone Woebegone
XD 2.0 XD 2.0
Xtreme Happy Xtreme Happy
Yawn Yawn
Yellow Glowing Eyes Yellow Glowing Eyes
Yellow Starface Yellow Starface
You ated my caik! You ated my caik!
Yum! Yum!
Zip It! Zip It!
Zombie Face Zombie Face
zOMG Hat Selling! zOMG Hat Selling!

How to Use Roblox Face Codes

  • Step1:Go to the search box type your favorite Face Name and hit enter.

  • Step2:Result will shown with the face's name and its face id.

  • Step3: Hit the copy id button to copy the code.

  • Step4:Done There! You can use this code into your Roblox game to change your favorite Roblox character into any mood you want.

To redeem any Roblox face codes you need to follow the instructions below:

  • First of all copy face id from rbxcodes.com/roblox-face-codes for the face you want. You can also search face id by its name.

  • Run your Roblox Game.

  • Then click on add item by Catalog ID.

  • Paste the face code into the box and press Request Item.

It may take a while to upload.

Game authors can allow particular gear items from the Roblox Catalog in their game and sell these gear items directly on their gaming page. If players wish to buy an item from your game page, you’ll earn a 10% share.